Title: This week’s news

Main objective: To bring together work on narrative tenses and understanding news over the past two weeks, students will be recorded describing a news story of interest to them.

Level: Intermediate

Class type: adults, intensive course (four hours per day)

Aim: describe news stories

Activity focus: speaking, using narrative tenses

Time: Max 3 minutes

Materials: Computer with Audacity


  1. Over the course of a week, teacher introduces students to ways to exploit newspapers and online news to improve their English.
  2. During the same week, we revise narrative tenses.
  3. On Thursday, teacher asks students to find out about a news story which interests them for homework and prepare to talk about it the following day.
  4. On Friday, students mingle and tell each other their stories. Meanwhile, the teacher takes willing students out of class one at a time to record their audio, once they have had the chance to tell their story at least once.
  5. Teacher then puts together the audio to form a podcast and posts the link in the Edmodo group which the class use.

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